FRS102 Online Tool: Introduction

This online tool has been created by TPT Retirement Solutions to help you complete your statutory accounts in line with the accounting standard, FRS102.

You can use this tool to:

  • calculate the ‘net present value’ of the deficit contributions that your organisation pays to one (or more) of the pension schemes provided by TPT Retirement Solutions;
  • download the relevant stream(s) of deficit contributions; and
  • download and save a draft disclosure note, for agreement with your auditor and inclusion in your organisation’s accounts.

Please note that the tool does not:

  • provide advice to your organisation; you should take appropriate independent advice from your auditor or accountant.
  • specify what discount rates to use; the tool includes possible discount rates, but ultimately the choice of discount rates is your organisation’s responsibility.

Your organisation should have received an ‘authentication code’ from TPT Retirement Solutions. Please enter the code below to enable you to use the tool.

If you do not have an authentication code, please send an email to quoting your organisation’s reference number (e.g. E1234).